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Dog Grooming Services & Prices 

Full Grooms

Each full groom includes a health check, luxurious bath, shampoo and blow dry, a combination of clipping and scissoring, a nail clip, ear and face clean. Your dog will be pampered from head to paw!


Very Small Dogs

-From £30

e.g Chihuahuas, minature Poodles, Jack Russels

cavapoo 2.jpeg

Small/Medium Dogs

-From £40

e.g Cockapoos, Cavapoos, Spaniels, Bichon Frise


Medium/Large Dogs

-From £45

e.g Labradors, Retrievers, German Shephard, Labradoodle


Large Dogs

-From £60

e.g Bouviers, English Sheepdogs 

Please note prices listed here are guide prices only and each dog will be assessed individually. The price of your groom will depend on the breed and size of your dog as well as the condition of its coat (amount of matting etc). Before grooming we will provide a verbal estimate for each dog.

Dog Grooming Tools

Bath & Brush

FROM £25

A good brush to remove all of those awkward knots will be followed by a nail clip, ear and face clean before your dog receives a luxurious shampoo and blow dry to bring its coat back to its fabulous form.

Nail clip


Standard nail clip - helps keep your dog healthy and stops the floors getting scratched!

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